Cafe Lattétude is a family owned business, operated by Mustafa and Leyla Gazi.

Established in 2007, the high standard in all aspects of Cafe Lattétude reflects the experience gained and the continuous improvement Mustafa has implemented across 30 years in the café and hospitality industry.

Mustafa’s story is a quintessential migrant success tale. Aged 2, he arrived with his family in Australia from Cyprus. By 11 he was already working in the local milk bar, learning on the job, from the ground up. He soon realised that working in hospitality was what he wanted to continue doing and as soon as possible he went on to serving customers full time. Driven, enthusiastic and focussed, at 17 he had already purchased the coffee lounge that had employed him for the previous few years. From there he was on his way to building a series of fish-and-chips shops and cafes.

From early on, Mustafa had a vision of creating a cafe of city-metro standard in Penrith. After divesting of his other successful hospitality ventures, he and his wife Leyla devised the plan to manifest this vision in Cafe Lattétude. For 10 years now the cafe has served its customers, many of whom are loyal regulars that add to the ambience of a friendly and relaxing environment.


Mustafa passionately sums it up this way:
"I'm so proud of what we have created. There have been many lessons learnt over the years. Developing relationships with quality suppliers and building a team that is reliable and consistent has been extremely important. It also has been very beneficial to have a Head Chef who has worked around the world. This has kept our food offerings of a high standard and interesting. Designing a menu that reflects my Mediterranean heritage has always been the dream. I look forward to welcoming our customers every day and seeing them enjoy what we had envisioned. It is such a pleasure to meet people new to the area and to serve so many wonderful locals of this ever growing community".